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Occupational Skin Diseases in Football Players

Athlete's Foot: Skin Disease Soccer PlayersSoccer players are more prone to many skin diseases due to the hot and humid conditions in which they practice and play throughout the year. Close contact with other soccer players and the physical effects from sweating, the playing turf and the soccer shoes all add to the risk of acquiring unique occupational skin diseases by the football players.

Clinical Classification of Occupational Derma

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Organic Skin Care by Rachelle Dupree

The market today is flooded with beauty products. Everywhere you look, another new product is on the shelf (or on the website). So, how does one choose which is the best product for them? If you are inclined to treat your skin naturally-meaning without harsh chemicals-then organic or natural skin care may be the best for you. Not only do these products help your skin in a more balanced, natural way, they are also much less harmful to yourself and the environment.

Below are five basic steps in keeping skin healthy, along with the use of organic skin care products.

Eat and maintain a balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that help you maintain a healthy skin the natural way. Avoid processed and greasy foods. Familiarize yourself with healthy, organic food that you enjoy and will promote better health. Supplements will also provide assistance in keeping your whole body healthy. Keeping the entire body healthy is the primary key for healthy cells. This is the most important organic skin care tip. Skin can only look as good as the nutrients you feed your body. The skin is the primary conduit for the liver to process toxins.

1. Drink plenty of water. A huge percentage of the body is composed of water. Water intake will help you clean the body. Water also hydrates the body and helps prevent dry skin. Well-hydrated cells function well. Cells that function well can help maintain youth. The more active a person is, the more water he/she needs. Eight glasses of water a day is the recommended amount of water intake, however, as for athletes and energetic people, more is needed to replace the fluid they excrete through perspiration. There is no replacement to drinking plenty of water and this is not only a great organic skin care rule but a great habit to adopt.

2. Exercise. Aside from a boost in energy, moderate work outs promote blood circulation and increase oxygen in the blood stream. Both help in maintaining the youth of your skin.

3. Wash your face with mild cleansing products. Cleansing products with strong substances can harm cells. Ensure that you use clean water when washing the cleansing products off your skin. Don't rub your skin vigorously with the towel - it irritates the skin. Wipe gently with soft cloth. Organic skin care products are milder than those with synthesized or processed ingredients cellulite treatment and dont need to be scrubbed off.

4. Use organic skin care products when possible. Products with natural ingredients will clean you r skin just as well as those full of chemicals. The closer the ingredients are to their natural state, the less harmful for your skin. Most organic products work with the body's natural process in fighting harmful elements and potential diseases as opposed to chemically forcing the skin to respond to treatment.

5. Moisturizers are recommended for all skin types. Even oily skin loses its natural moisture after using harsh cleansing products. If your skin is not properly moisturize, it will dry and age faster. Toners help in cleaning traces of dirt and cosmetics not easily removed with the use of cleansers. Try to use a product containing zinc or a natural sunblocking agent to protect your face from the harmful UVB rays of the sun.

Organic skin care gives you the greatest opportunity to have a healthy skin, without using harmful ingredients. The appearance of your skin indicates the state of your health. If you are suffering from acne or any other skin condition, try treating it from the inside out first. Give your body a chance to balance itself with healthy foods and supplements before you spend hundreds of dollars on topical treatments. Your skin is your bodys armor, protecting your from the elements. Help it do its job.

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Beauty salons that rise to the challenge


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When you own a beauty salon you are faced with a combination of challenges and rewards. A wide range of personal services are offered to customers that in turn helps them relax and enhance their beauty. Before you open a beauty salon you need to have a business http://www.radiancecamberwell.com.au/ plan in place which should include the owners qualifications and the members of staff. One should ideally have prior experience, whereby you have worked as an assistant salon manager or as a beautician before opening a salon. If you have no experience then you should enrol in seminars and spend some time with an experienced salon owner as well as join business owner forums. Ideally you should take a certified beauty course which would be the most ideal solution.

Before purchasing a salon do some analyses and research into the location and make sure the location provides a lot of traffic. You also need to obtain financing before purchasing a salon. When applying for financing most lenders require collateral as well as tax return forms. If you are buying an established salon, make a list of all the equipment and supplies that are included in the sale. If you need to buy additional equipment and supplies make sure you buy from reputable manufacturers and avoid buying unknown brands. Staff is also required, that includes a qualified salon manager and qualified therapists. Existing beauty salons that are up for sale, usually come with existing staff, however, if your salon is brand new then you will need to advertise for staff.

You will require a receptionist, a bookkeeper, manager and therapists. Apart from initiative, one requires sound financial backing and a strong judgment in order to run a successful business. For tips and advice, consult with people who know the beauty salon business, as this can be a very lucrative business as the industry has seen a marked growth over the last few years. Owning your own business offers independence and means never having to report to a boss. Instead of buying an existing or new business you could also look into a franchise outlet which is already a well established brand such as Ella Bache which will make things a whole lot easier for you and will also accelerate your business.

Well known franchises will provide you with a steady stream of clientele and will also provide you with benefits such as marketing and advertising brand ideas. The only downside of a franchise is that you will need to follow the interior and furniture look which is standard. Franchises offer direct contacts for manufacturers and dealers which will allow you to buy in bulk at much lower prices.

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How to remove eyelash extensions at home?

Today, eyelash extension procedure is very popular among women around the world. Indeed, such lashes look nice and stylish and can be worn for a long time. It is true you will have to get regular a touch up and sometimes remove them to give the hair follicles of own eyelashes a rest. Of course, it is better to remove eyelash extensions where you have extended them. But you may remove them at home. How to do it?

The necessary agents

To remove extended lashes yourself, you need to prepare:

The cotton PadsA Brush for eyelashesCastor oilThe tweezers

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You need to carefully remove makeup. Especially you should carefully remove all makeup off the eyes.

Take a cotton ball and cut with scissors into two parts in diameter. You will have two half-circle on which you need to cut a notch in eye shape.

The resulting piece you need to dip into warm butter. Further, you need to press cotton balls.

Put one half of a cotton pad under the lower eyelid, close your eye and carefully, trying not to hit per eyes, lubricate eyelashes with oil. Further you should perform this procedure with the other eye.

Now you need to wait for some minutes white the glue softens. It will take about 25 minutes. All this time, it is better to sit quietly in a comfortable position.

Once the glue has softened, you should very careful massage the lash line with your fingertips. After the massage, the extended lashes will fall off. The main thing is, do not rub your eyes.

Once the lashes slightly unstuck, you need to take tweezers and carefully remove them.

If extended lashes do not depart, the procedure should be repeated with the oil. You can even leave the oil on your eyelashes at night. Then, in the morning you just will take it off easily.

After removing the lashes, you need to keep your own ones. For this you need to care of them with the Castor oil. Castor oil should be applied to the lashes through when they grow. Usually, it lasts a few days.

To remove eyelash extensions yourself you may use professional agents, which can be purchased in any stores or specialty beauty salons. It is called "eyelash remover". True, to use it, you need the help.

How to care for eyelash extensions?

Once you have extended your eyelashes, you need to follow a few simple rules of care.

1. You cannot wet lashes for 2-3 hours after the application. The resin should be dried.2. Do not use oily creams because they dissolve resin.3. Do not rub your eyes after the application.4. You cannot take a steam room anywhere for 48 hours after the application.5. Dont use waterproof mascara, as it removes agents which usually contain active ingredients that can also lead to peeling lashes.6. You need to remove eye make-up with warm water. It is not recommended frequently Skin Cleansing taking the baths and sauna with eyelash extensions.

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How to Run a Successful Hair Salon

Hair Products in a Hair SalonGill Foster, owner of New Image Salon in Cape Town, has run her successful salon for eighteen years. These are her top tips for making sure that your hairdressing business does well year after year.An Attractive, Professional Salon is EssentialCleanliness is vital for a beauty salon, not just for health and hygiene reasons, but also to make the clients feel pampered. Set up cleaning rosters so the staff members know what is expected of them.Implement a no smoking rule for staff and clients.Don't allow staff to eat or drink in the salon.Background music should not be too obtrusive. Aim for something that will appeal to most of the salon's clients.Make sure that all staff look professional and groomed. A uniform can make a big difference to the way the salon is perceived by customers.Give all staff training in telephone etiquette to ensure happy customers.A Good Manager Tracks Staff with a Hairdresser's Business PlanUse track sheets to help track how much each staff member is earning.Use rosters to help avoid conflict between staff members, and between staff members and management.Be respectful to all staff, and insist that they are respectful to one another and to management.Be good to employees. Holding onto good staff is key to maintaining a successful business, so treat them with respect and be empathetic when necessary.Latest Hair Products and StylesStaff members need to be stimulated and challenged. To keep them up to date with industry trends, take them to shows and provide training in the latest styles, cuts, trends and products. Investing in good staff is never wasted.Beauty Shop Business Tips for Customer RelationsAim for punctuality at all times. Nothing frustrates customers more than being kept waiting. It's essential never to overbook appointments.Attend to the client the moment she walks through the door.Chat to Relaxation Massage the client about her expectations before she heads for the wash basin. Check her head for crowns or cowlicks, and take the time to find out a little about her and her lifestyle.Don't tell the client about any personal problems, and never get over familiar with clients. Respect the boundaries in the relationship.Don't do anything too radical with a new customer. Rather let them gain confidence in the salon before suggesting something unfamiliar for them.Hair Salon Business Tips for Difficult Economic TimesMaintain excellent serviceDon't put prices up more than absolutely necessaryDo whatever it takes to keep good staffFollowing these hints and tips will help most hairdressing businesses reach their goals and maintain that success, even in difficult economic times.

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Beauty Tips That Are Made For Everyone

Keep reading for some great timeless advice on how to make yourself look more beautiful. This article will give you tips and tricks to staying beautiful.

Consider using Vaseline to moisturize your feet before going to bed. Your feet will feel smooth and soft as if you had just received a professional pedicure. Make it a habit of doing this immediately before you go to bed. After applying the Vaseline, keep your feet covered with socks prior to slumber.

Vaseline should be applied to your cuticles a couple of times per week for the aesthetic and health benefits. This stimulates the growth of your nails and moisturizes the area. It helps your nails and the skin around them to look shinier and healthier, too. You'll notice results right away.

If you want to brighten up your skin, find a moisturizer with gold or pink undertones. A cosmetic sponge will help apply the gernetic price moisturizer to your face evenly. Do not apply it anywhere else on your face. Using too much will give you a fake, shiny appearance.

Even hair color and style can be altered to make fuller faces look narrower and slimmer. Seek cuts featuring long lines and that fall somewhere between the jawline and the shoulders. You can even add lowlights and highlights that help frame the face. This will draw attention to these facial features.

Drinking water is one of the best ways to improve your skin's appearance. Water acts as a natural cleansing agent and washes toxins out of your body, resulting in clear and beautiful skin, all day long.

A little handy tip is to combine foundation with a little moisturizer, as it will make your foundation last longer. Additional benefits to doing so include more SPF for your face, as well as a natural glow.

Make sure you sharpen all of your makeup pencils. They will then be clean and safe to use. Before you attempt to sharpen one, allow the pencil to sit in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.

To help keep your skin in good condition, try to use luke-warm water while bathing and showering. A hot shower will open your pores and expose your skin's natural oils. Then you'll wash away the protection they offer. Use warm or tepid water, as this is more gentle on your skin, keeping it soft and healthy looking. This will also save you money on heating bills.

A nice rose colored lipstick can conceal your flaws and blemishes. Don't apply the lipstick to the problem area. The object is to draw the eye away from the flaw using a shade that matches all skin colors. With the doubled effect of concealer and warm pink lips, no one will notice your blemish.

A matte brush is optimal to use versus a shimmer brush. Shimmer blushes highlight blemishes like scars, bumps and acne. Matte blushes will help hide blemishes and give your skin a radiant, flawless look.

Try curry leaf chutney to prevent the development of grey hair. The leaf chutney is a natural way to make the pigment forming cells that give your hair color. You only need one teaspoon.

Both rosewater and cucumbers can be used to remove dark circles from under the eyes. These have cooling properties that lighten skin affected by dark circles. Use a gentle cotton pad to dip into rosewater or cucumber juice. Then, place the pad on your eyes that are shut for around 15 minutes.

Eyelashes are easy to enhance and they make a dramatic difference in your appearance. Try using a curler on your lashes before you apply any mascara. Doing this can give you dynamic eyes that stand out.

To reduce eye puffiness, try a piece of potato. Leave it on your eyes for 10 minutes. If not potatoes, you can use cucumber, cool teaspoons, or teabags. These all draw down the puffiness of your eyes immediately, which gives you a more alert and rejuvenated look soon thereafter.

Caring for your skin is critical to staying healthy and beautiful. One of the most important things to do is reduce dry skin on your face. You may also want to get a good lotion and use it daily.

Beauty is achievable at any age with the right tools and information. The tips shared here should help you start out with your beauty regimen without much trouble. Be proud and bring your best self forward!

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All Natural Ideas For A Home Beauty Routine

Beauty is very important to all women. The world at large responds more positively to beautiful women. Many women don't get to realize the full essence of their beauty because they don't let themselves feel beautiful. Read on, and you will learn some of the best beauty tricks!

Before using a self tanner, always exfoliate. This takes off dead skin and smooths out your complexion. The results of your sunless tan will appear smooth and more even. This also helps extend its longevity.

Apply Vaseline to your eyebrows before bed. This helps them look shiny and better. Try not to get vaseline on the surrounding http://www.radiancecamberwell.com.au/ skin, as it can clog pores and cause acne breakouts.

Prior to using a fake tan, you should ensure any unwanted hair is removed 24 hours beforehand. You can either shave or wax, but in order to get the best results, you should make sure you wait at least 24 hours afterwards. This makes your tan as smooth and as even as possible.

Instead of spending tons of money on a name brand facial moisturizer, use coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil quickly moisturizes the skin and helps to smooth out wrinkles and lines on the face. As an added benefit, coconut oil has also been shown to help with psoriasis, acne and eczema.

Always be sure to wash off your makeup prior to going to sleep. Use a makeup remover, soft washcloth and water that is warm. After, wash normally. Leaving on make-up can clog your pores and cause acne.

To prevent your hair from going gray, eat a teaspoon worth of some curry leaf chutney daily. The nutrients in this promotes hair pigments to continue to color your hair and improves the health of your hair. You can also add rosemary essential oils to your hair.

The beauty products you own will last longer if kept refrigerated. You definitely want to do this in summertime! By keeping your lotions, toner and oils in the fridge you will be able to use them even if there is a heatwave. It also feels nice to put on some nice cool products when it's hot outside.

You could create your own mouthwash at home using a mixture of peppermint oil and purified water. Add one drop of peppermint oil for every ounce of water. Start by boiling the water, then decant the oil into a heat-resistant glass container. Next, slowly add the boiling water to the container. Cover the container with a clean cloth (i.e. a handkerchief) and allow to cool. Next, decant the mixture into an airtight bottle or container. Use it as mouthwash!

Unless you have flawless skin, choose a matte blush rather than a shimmer blush. Blushes with shimmer often accentuate pimples, scars, bumps and moles so they are much more noticeable. Contrarily, matte blushes can hide flaws and give you a more radiant look.

Make-up wipes are great to help get rid of imperfections on the go. Beauty gurus often use makeup remover wipes as a means to make quick corrections following the application of makeup. They can help you quickly fix any mistake without destroying your entire look. Keep makeup removal wipes a part of your daily beauty routine.

Use cucumbers or rosewater in order to eliminate under eye circles that are dark. These items can help make your skin lighter and tighter. Using cucumber slices is age old remedy for the eyes. You can also dip a cotton swab in rosewater or cucumber juice and placing it on the eyes for approximately 15 minutes.

If you love the look of powdered mineral makeup but find that it makes your skin itchy, look for a formula that does not contain bismuth oxychloride. This ingredient is responsible for irritation of your skin, which can hurt your complexion.

Toilet paper is excellent for blotting excess oil off your face. This rough paper is an excellent method of blotting oily and sweaty skin. Get a square and place it firmly on the areas you are concerned about. It'll help very quickly!

You could boost your confidence and improve your looks, thanks to these tips. Apply this knowledge, and enjoy your new appearance and increased confidence.